Save the Children

  • Quality basic education for rural children
  • Improvement of food security
  • Project will reach more than 440 farm families.

From 2012 Safe Bag is partner of Save the Children to support the basic education and food security program in Tigray, Ethiopia.

In Ethiopia the 44% of the population lives below the poverty line and more than 84% live in rural areas. in Tigray agricultural production is severely limited by the alternation of long droughts and unpredictable and intense rainfall.

Here most of the children cannot go to school because they have to help their families; educational services are still few and of low quality.

Thanks also to Safe Bag help, Save the Children will be able to:

- Ensuring access to an equal and quality basic education for rural children not enrolled in school, with particular attention to children with disabilities and girls;

- Contributing to the improvement of food security for poor households, improving their economic self-sufficiency and promoting alternative income opportunities.

The overall project will reach approximately 800 children / students, over 500 adults and more than 440 farm families.