About us

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Trust
  • Professionalism
  • Excellence
  • Integration
  • Innovation

Safe Bag, founded in 1997, is the leading company in baggage security services at airports in Italy, France and Portugal.

Among the first companies in the world to offer the baggage wrapping service, Safe Bag is now the benchmark for all companies in the field, both in terms of quality of service and innovation.

Safe Bag is indeed the first company to:

• Introduce the concept store for travelers
• Introduce the insurance guarantee
• Achieve ISO 9001 certification
• Invest in machine design
• Introduce the Revenue Control System
• Introduce active and passive tracking.


Our Mission  

Maximize our customer satisfaction through continuous improvement of the quality of our services and technological innovation of equipment and materials. We are focused on understanding and addressing promptly and effectively the changing needs of our customers to always provide a high quality service and reliability.


Safe Bag History

1997: Safe Bag is fully operative at Bologna, Venice, Verona and Naples Airports.

1998 – 2002 :  The Company gets the leadership in the Italian market in the wrapping luggage field in just 4 years. Safe Bag is the first company certified ISO 9001 introducing the optional and free compensation guarantee in case of luggage lost and/or damaged. Moreover Safe Bag starts to invest in research and improvement of the equipment since it’s the first to foreseeing  the influence of the design.

2003: The Company enlarges its business to the entire Italian Peninsula : indeed oversees the Palermo, Florence, Genoa, Pisa, Olbia, Turin, Treviso e Alghero Airports.

2004 – 2011: Safe Bag starts the internationalization procedure. It becomes in Portugal the sole operator in the most important Airports of the Country, including Lisboa. At the end of 2011 Safe Bag arrives in France confirming its presence at Paris, Nice, Marseille and Lyons Airports.

2012: Safe Bag expands its activities in Belgium at Charleroi Airport, in Spain at Ibiza Airport and in Switzerland at Basilea Airport. The “Kiosk concept” is now available and well known in Europe.

2013: Safe Bag keeps on carrying out its expansion in Europe adding Zurich Airport to its portfolio. The Company enters the US Market and is available at Miami International Airport thanks to its Joint Venture agreement with Secure Wrap.

2014: Safe Bag continues to grow landing in Ireland at Dublin Airport and Geneva Airport in Switzerland. 



Customer satisfaction, Trust, Professionalism, Excellence, Integration, Innovation: are the six leading principles that guide us, to ensure the best possible service for our customers and partners.

The principles of Safe Bag express the ideals by which all companies shall be guided by as to carry out their own activities, and the point of reference for the development of a knowledge consistent with tradition of excellence and history of our company.

Customer Satisfaction
We offer quality services and products, consistent with the competitive needs of the market.

We are extremely present, aware of doing right, always committed to setting up long lasting relationships.

We grow up every day by achieving our goals, standing comparison with competitors, and taking our own responsibilities.

We put the greatest effort and expectations in every project we develop.

No one is sufficient to himself, we should all share our skills, experiences and enthusiasm.

We keep on testing new solutions, paving new ways, and being curious.



 Safe Bag is always careful to protect the environment..

The film (stretch folio) used for wrapping is specially designed with features that ensure maximum protection of the baggage and at the same time protecting the environment, as properly reported and requested by an increasing number of our customers.

Our material, combines high performances (extremely resistant, elastic up to 300%) with the characteristic of being made of 100% recyclable material (100%LLDPE).

Safe Bag also invests part of its annual turnover in relation to the environment.