Corporate Governance

List of members of the Board


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Rudolph Gentile Chairman
Alessandro Notari CEO
Giuseppe Gentile Non executive Director
Roberto Mosca Non executive Director
Roberta Pierantoni Indipendent Director *

* Director who does not retail the independent requirements pursuant to Article 148, paragraph 3, of Legislative Decree 58/98.



List of members of the Board of Statutory Auditors Office Display CV
Stefano Baruffato Chairman
Antonio Spizzichino Statutory Auditor
Enrico Orvieto Statutory Auditor
Michelangelo Rossini Alternate Auditor
Armando Pontecorvo Alternate Auditor



Auditing company
Audirevi Srl



Articles of Association
Articles of Association of Safe Bag S.p.A



Corporate documents: procedures
Code of Ethics
Procedure for operations with related parties
Internal Deadline procedure
Procedure for the management and processing of Inside Information
Regulations for Insiders Registry
ATTACHMENT to the Insiders Registry