Bike Box
    • Bike Box (160x92x23)
    • Disassembling Assistance
    • Wrap made of a special 100% recyclable protective film

If you take your bike on holiday with you, the right protection can make the difference between it arriving safely or not.

Safe Bag can provide you with a special bike box (160 x 92 x 23), available directly at our airport stores.Furthermore, our Safe Bag Operator can assist you by disassembling the bike (pedals etc) for you before placing in the bike box.

Lastly, if you wish, we are able to wrap you bike box with our protective film.

For any needs, just email customer.care@safe-bag.com or call to speak to one of our operators Monday to Friday from 09.30-13.00 and 14.00-18.00 (GMT +1) at the following number +39 06 91511041.

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