Safe Bag 24
    • In case of Temporary Loss, bag traced within 24 hours
    • Refund of €100 per day from 2nd day of loss, up to €1.000
    • In case of Permanent Loss refund up to €4.000
    • Customer care assistance 24/7

Safe Bag 24 service supports you in finding your luggage should it go missing!

Safe Bag is committed to tracing your luggage within 24 hours from the date you reported the loss at the Lost & Found office. From the Second day of delayed delivery, you will be entitled to a refund of €100* per day up to a maximum of €1.000 and up to €4.000* in case of permanent loss.

How it works:

Safe Bag uniquely identifies your luggage and assigns it a Safe Bag Code. Through the integration with the SITA World Tracer system, in case your luggage is found Safe Bag will instantly receive a notification with information about the place and the airport referent to contact.

If you have registered Safe Bag Code prior to departure** Safe Bag will be able to contact you and provide you with all the necessary support to the recovery of your baggage.

For any needs, just email customer.care@safe-bag.com or call to speak to one of our operators 24/7 at the following number +39 06 91511041.


 #AskSafeBag – for any questions regarding Passenger Rights in case of damage or loss to luggage, tweet us on Twitter or find us on Facebook!
* Terms and Conditions are available here or in our Airport stores.

**You are required to activate the service before departure through the registration of the Safe Bag Code, assigned to the luggage during wrapping, via the Mobile App or Web Site.