Travellers’ goods
    • Wide selection of travellers' goods
    • Targeted supplier selection
    • High quality standards

While you are waiting for the wrapping of your luggage to be completed by our Safe Bag Operator, you can choose from the wide selection of travellers’ goods for a comfortable and pleasurable journey.

Safe Bag offers a broad range of bags, pouches, tags, locks, pillows, night masks, and much more, provided by the leading producers worldwide (Go Travel, Travel Pro, Samsonite, Gadget Shop, ...).

For any needs, just email customer.care@safe-bag.com or call to speak to one of our operators 24/7 at the following number +39 06 91511041.

 #AskSafeBag – for any questions regarding Passenger Rights in case of damage or loss to luggage, tweet us on Twitter or find us on Facebook!