Cagliari Airport - Mario Mameli

Safe Bag offers passengers at Cagliari Airport a complete luggage service, which includes:

The protection of the luggage, through a special stretch film 100% recyclable, can also be offered a tracking service of your suitcase including compensation in case of damage, temporary loss or permanent loss of the luggage.

Safe Bag also offers a luggage weighing service as well as a wide range of travel items such as security accessories (padlocks, straps, bags, etc.), comfort accessories (adapters, neck pillows,…) and wrapping of large luggages.

Cagliari Airport is located about 6 km far from the city center.

TRAFFIC: 2022 of the ‘Mario Mameli’ closed with 10.000.000 passengers between arrivals and departures and a + 8.8% growth in traffic volumes: it is therefore still records for the main Sardinian airport.

VECTORS: At 120 airlines operate in Cagliari airport, hereinafter the main: Air France, ITA, British Airways, Easyjet, Iberia, Lufthansa, Eurowings, Neos, Volotea, Tunisair, Ryanair, Vueling , Wizz Air.

DESTINATIONS: The international routes include Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, ​​Berlin, London, Madrid Paris Italian routes include lots of towns including Milan, Rome, Naples and Palermo.

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Opening Hours

Cagliari Airport - Mario Mameli

Terminal 1
We are in front of check-in desks n.13-19, next Doors 1-2.
Monday 05:00 AM - 01:00 PM
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