Lyon - Saint Exupéry Airport

Safe Bag offers Lyon Airport passengers a complete luggage service, from wrapping with 100% recyclable stretch film to a high-quality luggage storage service. Equipped spaces are available for all passengers who wish to store their luggage safely at the airport.

Safe Bag offers other services such as: luggage weighing service, sale and wrapping of bicycle boxes and a tracking service of your suitcase including compensation in case of damage, temporary loss or permanent loss  of luggage and wrapping of large luggages.

We also have a wide range of travel items available to customers such as security accessories (padlocks, straps, bags and cages for transporting animals, etc.) and comfort accessories (SIM cards, adapters, neck pillows, etc.).

Lyon – Saint Exupéry Airport is located in the city of Colombier – Saugnieu, about 25 km from the city center.

TRAFFIC: With 8.500.000 passengers in 2022, it is the fourth largest airport in France after Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle, Paris-Orly and Nice.

VECTORS: There are about 50 airlines including Aeroflot, Air Canada, Air France, Austrian Airlines, British Airways, Easyjet, Emirates, KLM, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines and Vueling. Quatar Airways, Aegean, Aer Lingus.

DESTINATIONS: The main routes include Athens, Dublin, Moscow, Vienna, Bucharest, London, Brussels, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, Dubai, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Monaco. many destinations have been added since 2023, there are also flights to the USA, Africa and Asia

DEVELOPMENTS: Construction works for a new terminal began in 2014. The new terminal will double the airport’s capacity, adding 70,000 square metres. Additionally, €13.5 million have been invested for the restructuring and expansion of Terminal 1.

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Lyon - Saint Exupéry Airport

We are located near the departures area, near the information office.
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