Voronezh - Chertovitskoye Airport

Voronezh – Chertovitskoye Airport is an international airport, and the primary airport of Voronezh, located 13km to the north of the city, in the province of the same name in European Russia.

TRAFFIC: Approximately 600,000 passengers come through this airport every year.

AIRLINES: Approximately 10 airlines operate from this airport, including Aeroflot, airBaltic, Turkish Airlines, Nordavia and KLM.

DESTINATIONS: Routes include Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Chisinau and Antalya.

DEVELOPMENTS: The airport underwent a renovation, starting in 2008, which included lengthening the runway and modernising the equipment; a second phase is currently underway, with the goal of expanding the passenger capacity of the airport.

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Voronezh - Chertovitskoye Airport

We are located on the ground floor, close to the entrance.
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